Sunday, November 16, 2008

McQueen Origin

About three years ago I did some research on the internet about the origins of the name Mcqueen and discovered this website, entirely dedicated to providing information on the McQueens. I do not recall the name of the website just now but a recently visited one is .

I gather that McQueen is of Scottish/Irish origins but we are scattered all over the globe now. I was a bit surprised to discover that most McQueens are whites and I have been trying to figure out how and when blacks got the name. I can only think that at some point in history, most likely during slavery, there was a white plantation owner who gave the name to his slaves ( I understand that this was a common practice then). I am still doing my research as as I want to find out specifically how we got to the Caribbean and when.


  1. Jan, I'm curious about the Mc part. What does it mean? I notice it prefaces quite a number of Scottish (?)names. Of course, the Queen part is quite interesting too, I don't blame you for keeping it.

  2. Janet,remember that labourers came from Scotland and Ireland and other european countries as indentured labourers as well. My grandmother was of scottish descent (nearly white)but she and her sister both married very black men. I say that to show you how the name could come to be a part of the negro identity other than through slavery.

  3. Jacqueline, the Mc means "son of".


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